Quality in plastic means innovation and adaptability

On the occasion of World Quality Day, from Termoformas we want to value the commitment of a sector such as plastic and thermoforming, always in search not only of perfecting its own product, but also of finding new solutions that allow the highest quality on our clients' products.

Our sector is at the constant service of all those sectors and agents that use our products to guarantee the durability and preservation of their own assets. That is why our work is closely linked to innovation, and with it to adaptation to all the needs of our customers.

Innovation in packaging

Today, plastic is one of the essential materials for the preservation of food products, as well as in sectors such as health or as components of materials for daily use.

Thanks to constant research and innovation in technologies in the sector, the use of these plastics is increasingly efficient and responds better to market needs, having become not only a useful and necessary tool, but also a sustainable tool.

In fact, the new plastics developed in the sector allow 100% of the material to be reused thanks to the application of different techniques in recycling as well as in manufacturing. For example, through the use of monoplastics the subsequent recycling process is facilitated.

Adaptability becomes efficiency

The quality commitment of the plastic sector is not only linked to the quality of its own products, but also to improving the value chain of which they are part.

Thus, a quality plastic protection increases the efficiency of the product it protects. In the case of food products, good packaging contributes to the fight against food waste; like a high durability of a protective equipment avoids the waste in disposable products and lengthens its useful life, increasing the environmental sustainability of the entire product.

In the same way, the efficiency of the plastic packaging or protector is closely linked to the adaptability of the plastic supplier to the needs of its client. The greater the customization of the service offered, the better the solution will fit the real needs of the client, and the greater energy and economic efficiency it will have, and consequently, the lower environmental impact.

At Termoformas we are specialists in plastic packaging for the agri-food sector and we have spent decades perfecting our personalized service to the needs of each case; investigating and applying new formulas to offer the best solutions, at the height of our clients.

Scheduled release date: 12 of November of 2020